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True to our name, Successful Farming® magazine is all about success. Farmers don't need more information about problems, but they do need and seek ideas that provide solutions. The goal of our editors is to help farmers make money, save time, and grow their satisfaction in the challenging business of farming. That's why we pack every issue of Successful Farming with ideas that farmers can take right to the field, barn, shop, grain center, office or home and put to work.

I'm proud of the advertisers in Successful Farming because you share our mission in serving farm families. Your products and services provide hardworking solutions to help farmers be more productive and to further enjoy their work and lifestyles. Thank you for being part of our great industry of agriculture and for choosing Successful Farming to communicate your message to America's farm families. Together we deliver on the promise of success. — Dave Kurns, Editorial Content Director

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Custom Publishing and Premiums

Successful Farming® offers cost-effective custom publishing solutions to compliment your existing marketing efforts. And, we're not limited to agricultural related material. If your needs involve products related to food, travel, design, gardening, health, home and family, or woodworking, we can tap into the extensive resources of our parent company, Meredith Corporation and our sister publications. We'll create a custom product tailored precisely to increase sales, enhance your marketing promotions, and thank your customers.

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