Top-rated Machinery Show Delivers Results

Machinery Show by Successful Farming® is enjoying its seventh year of overwhelming popularity. Programming – and marketing opportunities – are available 52 weeks each year. Machinery Show transforms all the best-read sections of the magazine into a 30-minute, feature television show.

SF® Showcase is a sponsor-driven advertorial platform within Machinery Show, produced and distributed by Successful Farming®. SF® Showcase sponsors choose the story which can feature their company, demonstrate products, explain services or share a customer success story. Your SF® Showcase feature will be distributed via the Successful Farming family of brands.

Successful Farming Radio Magazine® Blankets the Midwest

The Successful Farming Radio Magazine® airs every weekday on 132 farm radio stations in the Midwest. The show is based on the latest stories from Successful Farming® magazine and

If your company has a new product to announce, please contact Darrell Anderson of Successful Farming Radio Magazine® at

For advertising information, please contact Mike Elbe at

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